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1) "Hum jahan khade ho jaate hain..Line wahin se shuru hoti hai"(The queue starts from the point wherever I stand)-- Amitabh in Kaaliya(1981)

2) NAA Talwaar ki dhaar se, naa goliyon ki bauchaar se, Banda darta hai to sirf parvardigaar se -- Dialogue king Rajkumar in Tirangaa (1993)

3) Koi bhi rishta zindagi se badaa nahi hota ( No relationship is bigger than Life) -- Reema Lagoo - Aashiqui (1990)
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Famous Indian Film Industry Dialogues (With English Translations),

2) Mujhe jo chahiye, uska mazaa sirf raat ko hi aata hai (What I Want, is enjoyed the most only in nights)- bold and mischievous dialogue by indian actress Vidya Balan in THE DIRTY PICTURE(2011)
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3) Hum tum me itne chhed kar denge ki Confuse ho jaaoge ki Saans Kahan se lein aur Paadein kahan se.. (I will make so many holes in your body that you will get confused thinking from where to take breath and from where to Fart) -- By Salman Khan as Chulbul Paande, in Dabangg(2010)

4) "Bade Bade Deshon me aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain" (In Big Countries, these kind of small things keep happening) --- By Shah Rukh Khan in DDLJ(1995)
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5) "Lagta Hai kachcha khiladi hai"( looks like he is just a small-time newbie player)--AAMIR KHAN in Andaaz Apna Apna(1994)


6) Drink Beer, save water.. --Akshay Kumar in FIR HERA PHERI(2006)

7) Abey kya bachche ki jaan lega? ( hey, why do you want to kill a little child?)-- -Akshay Kumar in Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi(1997)


7) "Rishtey mein to Hum Tumhare Baap Hote hain, Naam hai SHAHENSHAH" (I happen to be your Father by Relation, Name is SHAHENSHAH) ---- Very Famous and Popular Dialogue By Amitabh Bachchan in SHAHENSHAH (1988)

8) "Yeh Dhai kilo ka haath Jab kisi pe padta hai na to woh Uthta nahi...Uth jaata hai" (If this 2.5 Kilogram heavy hand is used on someone then he doesn't get up... Goes up to heaven) --- Popular dialogue by Sunny Deol in Damini(1993)

9) "Don ka intezaar toh baarah mulko ki Police kar rahi hai, magar Don ko pakadna Mushkil hi nahi..Na-Mumkin hai" (Police of twelve countries are waiting for Don, but to catch don is not only tough, it's Impossible) --- One of the most famous dialogue originally delivered by none other than Amitabh Bachchan in Don (1978)
on dialogue 1978 amitabh amitabh

10)"Kabhi Kabhi kuchh jeetne ke liye kuchh haarna bhi padta hai, aur haar kar jeetne waale ko Baazigar kehte hain" (Sometimes, to win something one has to lose something..And who wins after losing is called Baazigar) --- SRK'S most Famous Dialogue till date, delivered way back in 1993 in Baazigar.

11) "Dosti ki hai..Nibhaani to Padegi" (I have made friendship, have to live up to the commitment) --- most Popular friendship Dialogue by Salman Khan in cult 'Maine Pyaar Kiya'(1989)
maine pyar kiya friendship dosti dialogue salman bhaagyashri


12) "Kya lenge Aap?..kuchh thanda, (pause, shows cleavage), or something HOT?(What will you have, some cold, (pause, shows cleavage), or something HOT?-- Indian actress Priyanka Chopra's stunning dialogue to Akshay Kumar in Aitraaz(2004).
priyanka chopra hindi actress heroine dialogue Aitraaz with akshay kumar

13) "Aisa Pehli Baaar Hua hai satrah attharah saalon me...Andekha Anjaana koi aane lagaa khayaalon me" (It has first time happened in seventeen-eighteen years...Someone unknown and unseen has started to come in Thoughts) -- Kajol's most popular dialogue till date, delivered way back in 1995 as 'Simran' in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jjaayenge .
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14) "Chinoy Seth, Jinke apne ghar Shishe ke ho wo doosron par patthar nahi fenka karte..." (Mr. Chinoy, Those who stay in glass houses never throw stones at others) --- one of the Most Popular Indian Film Industry Dialogue By Raj Kumar in Waqt(1965)

15) "Daawar Saab, Main Aaaj bhi Fenke hue paise nahi uthata" (Mr. Daawar, Even today I don't pick the money which is thrown at me) --- Famous Dialogue by Angry Young Man Amitabh Bachchan in Deewar(1975)

16) "Aaj mere paas Buildings hai... bank balance hai..Bangla hai.. Gaadi hai ...Kya hai Tumhare Paas??"
- "Mere Paas Maa hai" --- (This short and swift reply By Shashi Kapoor in Deewar Went on to become Most famous One Liner in the History of Indian Film Industry Cinema)
deewar famous one liner dialogue shashi kapoor amitabh

17)"Aur is tarah na to koi sachchai ke liye ladne wala rahega na insaaf maangne waala. Reh Jaayegi to sirf Taarikh...aur yahi hota raha hai me Lord...TAARIKH PE TAARIKH.. TAARIKH PE TAARIKH...TAARIKH PE TAARIKH AUR TAARIKH PE TAARIKH MILTI RAHI HAI...Lekin insaaf nahi mila me lord insaaf nahi mila...Mili hai to sirf ye Taarikh... --- one of the most famos and well known, Widely Popular and famous Dialogue of Indian Film Industry by Sunny Deol in Damini(1993)
lawyer courtroom serious dialogue of bollywood

18) "Is Imaarat ki neev itni majboot hai ke koi Raaj Aryan Haathon me Violin aur chehre pe Muskaan liye uski ek bhi eeint Hilane ke liye kadam nahi rakh sakta" (Base of this Monument is so strong that No Raj Aryan with Violine in his hands and smile on his face, will be able to even shake a single brick of it)--- Amitabh Bachchan in Mohabbatein(2000)
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19) maaf kijiyega sir, magar aap tab bhi haare the aur aaj bhi haare hain (Excuse me Sir, but you were defeated earlier and are also defeated today again)-- SRK in mohabbatein(2000)
srk mohabbatein dialogues reply to amitabh

20) ek baar Maine commitment kar li to fir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta ( After making a Commitment, I don't even listen to myself) -- Salman Khan's commitment dialogue from WANTED(2009)
salman khan wanted dialogues

21) "Picture Abhi Baaki hai mere dost" (My dear friend, Movie is yet to finish) --- Shah Rukh Khan in Movie Om Shanti Om(2007)

22) wo Afsaana jise anjaam tak laana naa ho mumkin, usse ek khoobsurat mod deke chhodna achchha.... (If we are unable to take our relationship to any meaningful destination, then its better to leave this bond by bringing it to a beautiful turn/twist)-- These very touchy , emotional, popular and philosophical lines actually belonged to the lyrics of a song from "gumraah(1963)" but were later used as a dialogue in some different films by different actors..most notably by shashi kapoor in aa gale lag jaa... these lines have long-term cult following..especially in northern and central india. And also amoung urdu speaking people.
sunil dutt dialogues gumraah 1963


23) Aapke Paanv dekhe, bahut khoobsurat hain, inhe zameen par mat utaariyega, maile ho jaayenge(Just saw your feet, they are extreamly beautiful, please don't put them on floor, they might get dirty)--by dialogue king Raajkumar in 1971 classic Pakeezah

Dialogues and one-liners are very important aspects of an Indian Film Industry film . many fans identify their favourite actors by the dialogues delivered by them. In Indian Film Industry films, there is one subcategory of dialogues which is known as Takiya Kalaam (or takiyakalam)( Which means 'jargon', 'catchphrase', 'catch-phrase' 'catchword' in English) ..we have no idea of the origin of this word but takiyakalaam refers to a single word or phrase used by a single person several times in a movie...Some popular Hindi takiakalaams of Indian Film Industry are listed below


== Indian Film Industry's "TAKIYA KALAAMS"==( Which means 'leitmotif' or 'jargon', 'catchphrase', 'catch-phrase' or 'catchword' in English)


24) "Babu Moshaye..."-- the character of "Anand Sehgal" played by Rajesh khanna a.k.a. KAKA used this phrase throughout in the film Aanand(1971) to address his friend "Dr. Bhaskar Banerjee", played by Amitabh Bachchan.
rajesh khanna babu moshay dialogue anand 1972

25) "Pushpaa, I hate tears (RE)" -- Spoken in the movie AMAR-PREM (1972) many times to Actress Sharmila Tagore by Rajesh Khanna

26) "Gule-Gulzaar"-- Sunil dutt in WAQT (1965)
sunil dutt gule gulzaar dialogue takiyakalaam waqt 1965

27) "Yun-ke humko jyaada baat karne ki aadat to hai nahi" -- hema malini as basanti in sholay(1975)
hema malini sholay dialogues 1975

28) "zindagi ka maja to khatte me hai" --gulshan grover in Dilwaale or Diljale (1994 or 1996)
gulshan grover diljale dialogue

29) "KHAAMOSH"--Shatrughan Sinha's well known takiakalam in numerous films..(throughout seventies to late nineties)
Shatrughan Sinha khamosh

30) "Jaani" --- Dialogue king Raaj Kumar's trademark in numerous movies..(throughout full film career in many different films)
raj kumar's jaani dialogue

    Barkhurdaar -- Character actor om prakash in Sharaabi and other 2-3 films.

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meaning of Takiyakalam, Takiakalam in English is --->> " 'leitmotif' or 'jargon', 'catchphrase', 'catch-phrase' or 'catchword' in English




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